Blowback from Gaza and chill regional winds of change

2 min read
Turkey halts all trade with Israel, imposing economic sanctions in response to the ongoing military operations in Gaza. This significant move highlights the escalating regional tensions and global impact.

Donald Trump’s trial needs a Dickens to tell the story

3 min read
Charles Dickens would have depicted Donald Trump’s New York trial as a stark contrast to modern reporting, showcasing Trump’s loss of control in a dramatic courtroom setting.

India will soon start to vote… but blink and you’ll miss it

3 min read
Despite extensive media coverage of India’s upcoming general election, reports lack depth, focusing mainly on Prime Minister Modi and mirroring global populist trends.

Erasing Easter? Cancelling Christmas? Britain’s culture wars go on

4 min read
A controversy over Easter egg labelling in Lincolnshire highlights tensions over cultural identity, with critics fearing the erosion of Christian traditions amidst broader societal shifts.

How right-wing do you need to be not to be welcome in the Labour Party?

5 min read
Marking a continuation of notable Tory defections to Labour, Natalie Elphicke, a staunch right-wing Conservative MP, has defected to Labour this week, highlighting shifts in party ideologies and stirring questions about Labour’s embrace of centre-right values under Keir Starmer’s leadership.

Are Trump’s receipts coming due?

4 min read
As his criminal trial looms, Donald Trump, once a staunch anti-abortion advocate, appears to adjust his abortion stance amid electoral pressures. His notorious inconsistency and bravado face rigorous legal and public tests, potentially eroding his robust supporter base.

President Joe Biden must avoid becoming President Joe Chump

8 min read
Israel’s recent bombing of Iran’s embassy in Syria marks a major shift from its usual policy of targeting only military sites. This provocative act by Netanyahu, amid domestic issues, seems a ploy to retain power and avoid prosecution, posing a significant risk for Joe Biden and the United States.

An example of what’s possible when American white anxiety doesn’t exist

5 min read
In Enid, Oklahoma, the recall of a city council member with white nationalist ties illustrates the positive impact of overcoming white anxiety, showing the potential for unity and progress when such fears are absent.

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