“Third World” America’s First Felon? Trump Jr should wash his mouth out with soap

3 min read
Donald Trump Jr defended his father after his conviction by disparaging the “Third World”, a term rooted in Cold War propaganda. This outdated, imprecise label highlights global inequalities and stereotypes.

Sunak wants six. Starmer two. But do live TV debates even matter any more?

3 min read
Rishi Sunak’s call for six weekly debates with Keir Starmer, dismissed by the leader of the Labour Party, highlights the diminished value of televised political debates in an era of social media and scripted interactions.

Blowback from Gaza and chill regional winds of change

2 min read
Turkey halts all trade with Israel, imposing economic sanctions in response to the ongoing military operations in Gaza. This significant move highlights the escalating regional tensions and global impact.

Donald Trump’s trial needs a Dickens to tell the story

3 min read
Charles Dickens would have depicted Donald Trump’s New York trial as a stark contrast to modern reporting, showcasing Trump’s loss of control in a dramatic courtroom setting.

Nasty Tories in a panic

6 min read
The Tories’ reputation as the “Nasty Party” is highlighted by the Scottish Tory Leader’s behaviour in Scotland, while Rishi Sunak’s political missteps, such as leaving D-Day commemorations early, add to the party’s woes. The Tories face a bleak electoral future.

Trump’s a convicted felon. Now what?

3 min read
Despite opposition, Trump shouldn’t face prison for non-violent crimes, unlike Cohen and Weisselberg. His conviction polarises supporters, and legally, his conviction stands. But the GOP’s stance favours Trump’s influence over winning elections.

Don’t listen to latest Tory claims – Slavery and empire made Britain rich

4 min read
A Tory think tank’s book claims Britain’s economic success was due to British genius, dismissing the role of colonialism and slavery. Critics argue it’s politically motivated, ignoring scholarly consensus on colonial impacts.

How shall we protest

8 min read
Martin Luther King Jr.’s non-violent protest philosophy is vital for ethical activism. Unlike modern movements like Black Lives Matter or the Israel-Palestine protests, King emphasised strategic planning, non-violence, and voluntary conversion.

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