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Public health is the discipline that focuses on preventing disease, extending life, and enhancing well-being through the coordinated actions of society, both public and private entities, communities, and individuals.

AstraZeneca’s COVID vaccine withdrawn – Right to the end it was the victim of misinformation

4 min read
AstraZeneca withdrawing its COVID vaccine from the market has nothing to do with blood clots.

Rishi Sunak wants to cut the cost of β€˜sicknote’ Britain. But we’ve found a strong economic case for benefits

5 min read
Welfare reforms targeted at the sick and disabled won’t boost government coffers. In fact, spending on those who need support and investing in less conditional systems has a real financial return.

Expert reaction to MPs debating tobacco and vapes bill

4 min read
The expert reactions to the ongoing debate on the tobacco and vapes bill from distinguished scientists provide compelling arguments in favour of the proposed legislation.

As the pandemic turns four, here’s what we need to do for a healthier future

4 min read
In its fourth year, a public health researcher outlines principles for a healthier future amid the COVID-19 pandemic: clear guidance, combating complacency, addressing inequalities, vaccine equity, and effective communication.

Hospital privatisation is linked with worse quality care for patients

4 min read
The NHS faces critical challenges post-pandemic, with long waits and increasing privatisation. Though outsourcing may cut costs, a review reveals worse patient care and outcomes, advocating for public funding and management instead.

Mounting research shows that COVID-19 leaves its mark on the brain, including with significant drops in IQ scores

6 min read
Two new high-profile studies add to the increasingly worrisome picture of how even mild cases of COVID-19 can have detrimental effects on brain health.

The β€˜jab market’ of private COVID vaccines is a good thing for public health – but not for health inequality

5 min read
Privately selling COVID vaccines could boost immunity but raises worries about health inequalities. Affordability issues may limit access for lower-income individuals, worsening disparities in vaccine distribution.
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