You are welcome to submit your stories to our magazine. By submitting a story, you accept to be bound by both our magazine’s General Publishing Guidelines and Code of Conduct.

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By submitting your story to our magazine, you accept to be bound by both our magazine’s General Publishing Guidelines and Code of Conduct.

General Publishing Guidelines

Your submissions.

We usually receive more article submissions than we can publish in our magazine. We often have to say no to some good articles simply due to limitations of space or time. Please feel free to try again with another article if we have passed on a story you have submitted.

Our Editorial Team retains final decision rights over the title of every article (except when agreed with the writer) since we want to give each article the best chance of being found on social media, being read and shared. If we must rewrite a title, it is because we believe it will help the writer's arguments reach a bigger audience. We publish original pieces as well as pieces that have already been published elsewhere (websites, newspapers, magazines or blogs).

Questions to ask before submitting an article.

  • Will the central message of this article be important and useful to my readers?
  • Why do my readers need to know about it?
  • Have I added sources, references and/or links to my article?

What we will publish.

We publish anything that we stand for: We are a British pro-EU weekly online magazine. We also believe in social equality, equal opportunity, the promotion of individual abilities and talents, social responsibility, universal healthcare, workers rights, entrepreneurship, fair market competition, access to education and culture for all, consumer rights, the prohibition of child labour, the fight against racism and antisemitism, and in the fight against global warming.


  • Open our columns to journalists, writers, bloggers, politicians, business leaders, economists, lawyers, thinkers and anyone who wants to discuss political decisions, social issues, innovative ideas, original projects and complex schemes.
  • Open our columns to anyone who wants to tell their story, share their experience, explain their views, describe their pain, show their enthusiasm, demonstrate their joy, talk about their life.
  • Open our columns to all writers with progressive opinions, whether they are Left-wing or Right-wing, as long as they support democracy, human rights, diversity and selflessness.
  • Fight fake news published by right-wing outlets and tabloids and social media bots by publishing real, honest and positive news and opinions.
  • Fight politicians' alternative facts that threaten the democratic debate by fact-checking their speeches and comments to maintain transparency, honesty and democracy in politics.
  • Go to the source of the reflections that influence politics and geopolitics in the changing world of today.
  • Feed our readers with the most trustworthy, accurate and fact-checked information.

What we will not publish.

Our editorial team will refuse articles that:

  • Advocate or promote intolerance or prejudice against individuals or groups, including the use of scientific or pseudo-scientific claims to pathologize, dehumanize, or disempower others;
  • Gratuitously use profanity or excessively graphic language and images for the purposes of shock or incitement;
  • Glorify, celebrate, downplay, or trivialize violence, suffering, abuse, or deaths;
  • Exist mainly to target, shame, intimidate or harass identified, identifiable or anonymous people, whether groups of people or individuals;
  • Dox someone, including by exposing personal information or aggregating of public information;
  • Review businesses or products in an inflammatory or abusive manner;
  • Consist of unsubstantiated, unverified, or misleading claims and reporting;
  • Promote or glorify hate speech or intolerance, religious hate or racism, promote violence, promote the overthrow of political, religious or business leaders;
  • Promote a religion, a political party, a business or an organisation.

If a writer violates these rules.

PUBLIC SQUARE reserves the right to review articles or accounts at any time, and/or remove them from the magazine content that violates these Guidelines. Repeated violations of the Guidelines will result in permanent writer ineligibility.

Don’t forget to read our Code of Conduct.

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