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How right-wing do you need to be not to be welcome in the Labour Party?

5 min read
Marking a continuation of notable Tory defections to Labour, Natalie Elphicke, a staunch right-wing Conservative MP, has defected to Labour this week, highlighting shifts in party ideologies and stirring questions about Labourโ€™s embrace of centre-right values under Keir Starmerโ€™s leadership.

Are Trumpโ€™s receipts coming due?

4 min read
As his criminal trial looms, Donald Trump, once a staunch anti-abortion advocate, appears to adjust his abortion stance amid electoral pressures. His notorious inconsistency and bravado face rigorous legal and public tests, potentially eroding his robust supporter base.

President Joe Biden must avoid becoming President Joe Chump

8 min read
Israelโ€™s recent bombing of Iranโ€™s embassy in Syria marks a major shift from its usual policy of targeting only military sites. This provocative act by Netanyahu, amid domestic issues, seems a ploy to retain power and avoid prosecution, posing a significant risk for Joe Biden and the United States.

An example of whatโ€™s possible when American white anxiety doesnโ€™t exist

5 min read
In Enid, Oklahoma, the recall of a city council member with white nationalist ties illustrates the positive impact of overcoming white anxiety, showing the potential for unity and progress when such fears are absent.

A Tory solution to a Tory-made problem

5 min read
The UKโ€™s Criminal Justice Bill faces criticism for criminalising homelessness with new police powers, amidst housing crises and Conservative policies, sparking controversy and dissent even among some Tory MPs.

BBC Scotland: An irresponsible manufacturer of fake British nationalist outrage

5 min read
BBC Scotland has been accused of bias and stoking division by scrutinising the SNPโ€™s call for a Tory-free Scotland in the general election, sparking controversy over political reporting integrity.

Weโ€™re all extremists now

6 min read
Rishi Sunak tasks Michael Gove to broaden the UKโ€™s extremism definition, potentially encompassing independence campaigners. The move sparks concerns about stifling dissent and targeting groups critical of the government.
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