They’re gone – but we won’t be shedding any tears

Fourteen years of Tory rule have caused incalculable harm. This morning we can breathe a sigh of relief. But Labour won’t be able to fix all the problems. We’ve been thinking hard about our work under a new government.

They’re gone – but we won’t be shedding any tears

P olitics needs cleaning up. Labour will be better than the Tories were – but we need a higher bar than that. We will campaign to improve standards in public life. And we will support the COVID Corruption Commissioner, making sure they benefit from our enormous database of evidence.

After an election which shamefully sidelined the climate crisis, we will keep fighting for a fairer, greener future, and put reaching net zero front and centre. Building on our success this week in the Supreme Court, we’ll focus in particular on sewage dumping.

And we’ll carry on fighting the cases that no-one else will. We’re proud of our record on trans rights, and will expand our work defending women from violence and coercion, whether physical or economic.

But we’ve also been making fresh plans for this moment of change.

It’s clear this morning that the far-right is on the rise. The lies they tell are already in our sights.

Labour’s investment plans depend on securing significant support from private companies – but will they put our interests before their shareholders? We’ll be watching out for corporate abuse.

And it’s time to talk honestly about the harm Brexit is causing – and what it will take to make it right. This is what the country needs and we plan to ensure it is what Labour does.

Together we’ve shown that when we stand up for justice we can build a better world.

We hope you’ll keep giving us your support.



▪ This piece was first published in Good Law Project and re-published in PUBLIC SQUARE UK on 5 July 2024 under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International licence. | The author writes in a personal capacity.
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