Climate Change
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Climate change is the result of long-term shifts in temperatures and weather patterns. While some of these shifts may occur naturally, human activities have been the primary driver of climate change since the 1800s. The burning of fossil fuels, such as coal, oil, and gas, releases heat-trapping gases into the atmosphere, exacerbating the problem.

β€˜Hard-right’ NatCon event was organised by oil-funded group

9 min read
A controversial right-wing conference in Brussels, sponsored by a Hungarian think tank funded by fossil fuels, faced shutdown by police due to safety concerns. The event included prominent climate change sceptics and right-wing politicians, including Nigel Farage and Suella Braverman.

The ECHR’s first climate ruling: What does it mean?

7 min read
The European Court of Human Rights ruled that Switzerland violated human rights by not sufficiently tackling climate change, setting a legal precedent for future climate litigation and potentially impacting national policies across Europe.

A landslide forced me from my home – and I experienced our failure to deal with climate change at first hand

5 min read
In February 2024, Hastings experienced a landslide, highlighting gaps in UK governance and preparedness for climate change-induced weather events, underscoring the need for systemic change in climate resilience policies.

Oil giant admits it needs a β€˜magic wand’ to keep green pledges

7 min read
ExxonMobil is accused of greenwashing over claims that its β€˜carbon capture’ project is reducing emissions.

Oil firms want to drill in four of the UK’s areas of outstanding natural beauty

4 min read
The UK’s onshore oil industry, revitalised by higher prices and technological advances, faces scrutiny amid plans for new drilling in scenic areas. However, investing in renewable energy offers a more sustainable future.

Climate crisis denier Lee Anderson finds common cause with Reform UK

5 min read
Tory MP Lee Anderson, suspended from the Conservative Party, joins Reform UK, a climate science denial party. He opposes net zero policies, supports fossil fuels, and works with GB News, known for climate denial.

Ditching meat could release vital land to produce energy and remove carbon from the atmosphere

5 min read
Potential exists for a significant reduction in animal product consumption, unlocking vast agricultural land. Plant-based alternatives, including lab-grown meat, could replace traditional products, benefiting the environment and climate.
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