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Blowback from Gaza and chill regional winds of change

2 min read
Turkey halts all trade with Israel, imposing economic sanctions in response to the ongoing military operations in Gaza. This significant move highlights the escalating regional tensions and global impact.

Donald Trump’s trial needs a Dickens to tell the story

3 min read
Charles Dickens would have depicted Donald Trump’s New York trial as a stark contrast to modern reporting, showcasing Trump’s loss of control in a dramatic courtroom setting.

India will soon start to vote… but blink and you’ll miss it

3 min read
Despite extensive media coverage of India’s upcoming general election, reports lack depth, focusing mainly on Prime Minister Modi and mirroring global populist trends.

Erasing Easter? Cancelling Christmas? Britain’s culture wars go on

4 min read
A controversy over Easter egg labelling in Lincolnshire highlights tensions over cultural identity, with critics fearing the erosion of Christian traditions amidst broader societal shifts.

In Portugal and California, two men move from sports to right-wing politics

3 min read
In Portugal and the US, sports figures have transitioned to right-wing politics, with right-wing and far-right parties aiming to capitalise on their fame to attract new voters.

Rochdale: How a special election in the UK became really special

3 min read
The by-election in Rochdale became noteworthy due to candidates’ controversies and its proxy for the Israel-Gaza debate, revealing societal divisions and neglect in the deprived area.

New week, new British row over some form of exclusivism

3 min read
The Conservative Party faces accusations of Islamophobia, with former deputy chairman Lee Anderson implicating London’s mayor, Sadiq Khan, triggering debates over terminology and the party’s stance on religious discrimination.
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