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What a second Trump presidency might mean for the rest of the world

6 min read
Six months before the US election, global attention focuses on Trump’s potential return, especially his foreign policies towards China, NATO, Ukraine, and Gaza. A second term might increase US isolationism and weaken international alliances.

Chinese nationalist groups are launching cyber-attacks – often against the wishes of the government

5 min read
The Chinese Communist Party has inadvertently given the country’s nationalist movement influence that it’s struggling to contain.

Most crime has fallen by 90% in 30 years – so why does the public think it’s increased?

5 min read
Despite public perceptions of rising crime in England and Wales, actual data from the Crime Survey reveals a 30-year decline in violence, burglary, and car crime. Security improvements and technology have played a key role in this reduction.

AstraZeneca’s COVID vaccine withdrawn – Right to the end it was the victim of misinformation

4 min read
AstraZeneca withdrawing its COVID vaccine from the market has nothing to do with blood clots.

Gaza campus protests: What are students’ free speech rights and what can universities do?

5 min read
Universities have a difficult balance to strike between protecting student speech rights and ensuring campus safety.

(Still not) facing up to Brexit

14 min read
The Brexit process caused significant shifts. Two recent announcements — one about a delayed Brexit-related import control, another on a potential EU-UK Youth Mobility Scheme — highlight the ongoing complexities and political strategies surrounding Brexit negotiations and their impacts.

Rishi Sunak wants to cut the cost of ‘sicknote’ Britain. But we’ve found a strong economic case for benefits

5 min read
Welfare reforms targeted at the sick and disabled won’t boost government coffers. In fact, spending on those who need support and investing in less conditional systems has a real financial return.
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