Green MP Caroline Lucas pulls the curtain back on the UK Government’s net-zero strategy, revealing a plan riddled with “inherent uncertainties and risk,” reliant on unproven technologies, and lacking concrete policies.

I magine a government claiming to be “proud to be a world leader in reaching Net Zero by 2050” and fighting climate change, yet its internal documents reveal a plan built on shaky ground, relying on unproven technologies, and lacking clear implementation strategies. This isn’t fiction; it’s the stark reality exposed by Green MP Caroline Lucas regarding the UK’s net zero strategy.

In a powerful piece published in Good Law Project, Lucas delves into the government’s recently released risk tables, obtained through a legal challenge in the High Court by environmental groups, Friends of the Earth and ClientEarth. These tables paint a concerning picture, exposing a government clinging to “fairy tale technologies” and neglecting proven solutions.


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