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Landmark decision at Versailles as French Parliament votes to enshrine abortion rights in Constitution

3 min read
In a historic Versailles session, the French Parliament overwhelmingly approved a constitutional amendment securing abortion rights, marking a groundbreaking moment for women’s rights. France becomes the first country in the world to enshrine abortion in its constitution.

Biking for justice: The battle for fair pay in the gig economy

6 min read
Deliveroo riders’ strikes in London spotlight the gig economy’s challenges. Allegations of police interference, decreasing earnings, and demands for fair treatment and safety prompt a broader conversation on workers’ rights.

From Cameron to Sunak: Unveiling the best and worst of Conservative PMs

3 min read
Recent YouGov surveys illuminate public perception of UK Conservative Prime Ministers since 2010. Liz Truss is heavily criticised, Boris Johnson polarises, while Rishi Sunak’s leadership receives mixed responses.

2024 Presidential Delegate Trackers

2 min read
The state of the Republican and Democratic Primaries with a chart that monitors delegates for the 2024 Presidential nominations.

Government’s climate plan full of fairy tale technologies, Caroline Lucas says

3 min read
Green MP Caroline Lucas pulls the curtain back on the UK Government’s net-zero strategy, revealing a plan riddled with “inherent uncertainties and risk,” reliant on unproven technologies, and lacking concrete policies.

Rights, respect, dignity: The3million’s stand against hostile immigration

2 min read
Unveiling the repercussions of stringent immigration policies, The3million advocates for compassion and clarity. Rising fines for landlords and employers, coupled with bureaucratic hurdles, jeopardise the lives of many EU citizens in the UK.

General Election: Will everyone be able to cast their vote?

3 min read
A legal battle unfolds as new voter ID rules threaten to disenfranchise marginalised groups. Is this about preventing fraud or something more sinister?
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