Recent YouGov surveys illuminate public perception of UK Conservative Prime Ministers since 2010. Liz Truss is heavily criticised, Boris Johnson polarises, while Rishi Sunak’s leadership receives mixed responses.

I n recent years, the political landscape of the United Kingdom has been shaped by a series of Conservative Prime Ministers, each facing unique challenges and leaving distinct marks on the nation’s governance. Two recent YouGov surveys shed light on the public’s perception of these leaders, offering insights into who is considered the most and least effective in their roles since 2010.

The results of the surveys reveal a significant level of dissatisfaction with Liz Truss’s tenure, with 39% of respondents identifying her as the worst Conservative Prime Minister since 2010. Truss’s brief term – she was PM for a mere 44 days – is notably marked by economic turmoil – having crashed the UK economy, reflecting a challenging period for the country. 1% of the respondents somehow still perceived her as a good Prime Minister.


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