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The Editor

The Rwanda Bill

The Rwanda Bill is in the crucial final stages of parliamentary review. It is now at the center of potential amendments and debates in the House of Lords, a pivotal moment in its journey. MPs have already made their move, voting to remove four amendments added by peers and sending the bill back to the upper chamber. The Lords debate, a significant event, is scheduled to commence around 6 p.m., with two crucial votes at 7.30 p.m.

The votes will focus on the protection of Afghan interpreters and the need for independent monitoring of Rwanda's safety for potential refugees. The government has stated its stance against making concessions on these issues. However, expectations suggest that the Lords may reintroduce the amendments and return the bill to the Commons early next week. The possibility of the bill passing tonight is diminishing.

Today at PMQs: It was all about Liz Truss

Keir Starmer initiated the discussion at Prime Minister’s Questions with a remark about Liz Truss and her new book in which she blames everyone but herself for a failed premiership, triggering initial amusement among his supporters. Rishi Sunak swiftly responded by advising Starmer to focus more on reviewing the deputy leader’s tax advice than on reading Truss’s book, receiving enthusiastic approval from Conservative members. Starmer then criticised the β€œbillionaire prime minister” for allegedly disparaging a working-class woman, leading to further verbal sparring between the two politicians.


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