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The Editor

Rishi Sunak and the β€œsick note culture”

During his speech at the Centre for Social Justice think tank, PM Rishi Sunak outlined a series of measures aimed at changing the default perception of work capabilities. These include a consultation on the potential overhaul of personal independence payments, a proposal to shift the responsibility of issuing fit notes from GPs to β€œwork and health professionals,” and tightening the rules for individuals with β€œless severe conditions” signed off work. He also hinted at the possibility of removing benefits from those who remain unemployed after 12 months of work coach support if the Tories win the next election. These reforms, if implemented, could significantly curb disability and jobseeker benefits. The Conservative government argues that too many individuals have become economically inactive, particularly since the pandemic, and that too many are deemed medically unfit for work.

The response to these proposals has been mixed. Conservative MPs have generally welcomed the reforms, with some describing them as β€œgood proper Conservative measures.” However, disability charities and the British Medical Association (BMA) have criticised Sunak’s rhetoric and expressed concerns about the impact on individuals waiting for both physical and mental health treatment within the NHS. One disability charity even accused Sunak of launching a β€œfull-scale assault on disabled people.”

Boris Johnson’s criticises Rishi Sunak on Canada


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