Britons strongly oppose book banning in libraries

A YouGov survey reveals that 72% of British adults believe books should never be banned from libraries due to complaints, highlighting a solid stance on freedom of expression.

Britons strongly oppose book banning in libraries

I n an era of debates over censorship and free speech, a recent YouGov survey has delivered a powerful message from the British public: books should not be banned from libraries due to complaints.

The survey, which polled 5,778 British adults, found that a significant 72% believe books should never be banned, regardless of the number of complaints received. This collective voice of the public underscores the strength of our shared belief in intellectual freedom.

The survey results, released on 7 June 2024, reveal the British public's staunch support for intellectual freedom and opposition to censorship. Only 12% of respondents felt that books should be banned after a significant number of complaints, while a mere 5% agreed that a fair amount of complaints should warrant a ban. Just 2% supported banning after a few complaints, and none believed a single complaint should be sufficient.


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