Professor Amelia Hadfield
Professor Amelia Hadfield
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  • Guildford, England.
Head of the Department of Politics, and Chair in European and International Affairs, University of Surrey. Professor in European & International Affairs. EU, Brexit & international issues.

Six books (and one play) to read to understand British politics today

10 min read
With a general election on the horizon, it’s the perfect time to curl up with one of these expert political book recommendations.

Why Russia and China have been added to Republicans’ new β€˜axis of evil’

5 min read
The term β€˜axis of evil’ is being revived by some Republicans to describe China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea. However, the new grouping differs in principles and has more tenuous links to US policy. It also appears driven by Republicans in Congress rather than the White House.

The EU is making overtures for a post-Brexit defence collaboration with the UK – but London isn’t listening

5 min read
The UK government is reluctant to sign a treaty or cooperate formally with the EU, despite the latter’s interest and the urgent need due to the Ukraine crisis.

What game theory can tell us about how Ukraine-Russia negotiations might go.

5 min read
The negotiations need to achieve a spectrum of wins and losses that could give every side a win – something hard to imagine at this point.
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