B. Jay Cooper
B. Jay Cooper
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  • Marion, MA, USA.
Former deputy White House press secretary to Presidents Reagan and George H.W. Bush. Also headed communications offices at the RNC, U.S. Department of Commerce, and Yale University.

Are Trump’s receipts coming due?

4 min read
As his criminal trial looms, Donald Trump, once a staunch anti-abortion advocate, appears to adjust his abortion stance amid electoral pressures. His notorious inconsistency and bravado face rigorous legal and public tests, potentially eroding his robust supporter base.

Welcome to the DJ of T

3 min read
Before his presidency, Donald Trump’s fame stemmed from branding rather than traditional business success. Despite legal fees, he continues his brand-centric ventures, including sneakers, cologne, and even a Trump-endorsed Bible.

Use the power the Constitution gives you

2 min read
As conspiracy theorists discuss overthrowing democracy with the support of Donald Trump, the former president encourages his supporters to refuse to accept any electoral defeat. This raises concerns about the erosion of democracy in the United States.

My Trump-supporting friends, please take a step back

3 min read
B. Jay Cooper tells his friends supporting Donald Trump to reflect on his character and actions, especially his silence on Putin’s actions, including the death of Navalny, and his disregard for NATO solidarity, risking alliances.

Bet on the Deep State!!

2 min read
Taylor Swift, allegedly a government plant, is theorised by right-wing conspiracists to strategically endorse Joe Biden with boyfriend Travis Kelce before the November election.

Never (ever) again

4 min read
B. Jay Cooper examines the dilemma faced by some Republicans torn between their long-held ideological beliefs and voting against Donald Trump, whom they see as contradicting those values. He advocates for choosing to vote against Trump, whom he perceives as a potential tyrant.

Elections yesterday and tomorrow

5 min read
Democrats celebrated victories in Tuesday’s U.S. elections, with potential implications for 2024. Trump’s absence from the ballot introduces uncertainty. Ageing remains a focal point, with scrutiny on both Biden and Trump. Making predictions is challenging.
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