Dr Christian Yates
Dr Christian Yates
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  • Bath, UK.
Senior Lecturer in Mathematical Biology, University of Bath.

COVID inquiry: the UK government’s pandemic response was often not β€˜guided by the science’ – yet now scientists are under fire

5 min read
An ongoing narrative seeks to shift the blame away from the government for mismanagement of the pandemic, by depicting it as beholden to all-powerful scientists.

COVID: Lifting the remaining measures is a dangerous and senseless move.

5 min read
Removing ways of tracking and preventing the spread of COVID will lead to more disruption and ill health. The outcome of going β€œback to normal” is that millions of people will catch COVID each year.

Coronavirus: Is this the moment of maximum risk?

6 min read
If the UK relaxes social distancing now, while most of the population is still susceptible, it runs the very real risk of a second wave.
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