Dr Deepti Gurdasani
Dr Deepti Gurdasani
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Senior Lecturer in Epidemiology, Statistical Genetics, Machine Learning, Queen Mary University of London.

China-bashing is being used to normalise mass-disability and loss of life

4 min read
China’s Zero COVID policy is being criticised as a means of legitimising the abandonment of public health in the West.

COVID-19 is an airborne hazard – we need to treat it as such.

2 min read
Focusing mainly on therapeutics and vaccines, without attempting prevention of transmission at a population level, is flawed public health.

As COVID rises again, the UK Government’s only plan is denial and distraction.

2 min read
β€œBrace yourselves” for rising COVID cases, the UK Government says. The scandalous failure to plan for long-term protection of lives.

Covid isn’t over.

3 min read
Long COVID will have long-lasting impacts on human resources and the economy.

How dare scientists do something to prevent more deaths in the UK!

3 min read
Why shouldn’t we look for ways to pursue better health care in the UK? And why wouldn’t we want β€œto do more” to prevent deaths? Dr Deepti Gurdasani on the scale of normalisation of excess deaths in the UK media.

Masks in schools is not a matter of opinion. It works.

6 min read
Suggesting that the benefit of wearing face masks at school to limit the spread of COVID-19 is more based on hope than evidence is misinformation. Even when it comes from the BBC.

On the Imperial College study on Omicron severity.

7 min read
All suggest that the observed reduction in severity is very likely due to the fact that a much larger proportion of omicron cases are people with prior infection.
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