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International journalism organization that focuses on topics related to climate change. Investigating and reporting on misinformation campaigns and organizations opposing climate science and action.

β€˜Hard-right’ NatCon event was organised by oil-funded group

9 min read
A controversial right-wing conference in Brussels, sponsored by a Hungarian think tank funded by fossil fuels, faced shutdown by police due to safety concerns. The event included prominent climate change sceptics and right-wing politicians, including Nigel Farage and Suella Braverman.

The ECHR’s first climate ruling: What does it mean?

7 min read
The European Court of Human Rights ruled that Switzerland violated human rights by not sufficiently tackling climate change, setting a legal precedent for future climate litigation and potentially impacting national policies across Europe.

Climate crisis denier Lee Anderson finds common cause with Reform UK

5 min read
Tory MP Lee Anderson, suspended from the Conservative Party, joins Reform UK, a climate science denial party. He opposes net zero policies, supports fossil fuels, and works with GB News, known for climate denial.

Net Zero Secretary Claire Coutinho took donation from climate science denial funder

5 min read
Energy Security and Net Zero Secretary Claire Coutinho accepted a donation from Lord Michael Hintze, a funder of climate science denial group GWPF, raising concerns about government commitment to net zero policies.

Anti-Net Zero groups welcome Sunak’s green U-turn – As civil servants left in disarray

7 min read
Rishi Sunak appears to have sided with anti-green MPs as officials are left confused over how the UK will achieve its legal commitment to net zero.

β€˜We have to stop demonising oil and gas’, Jacob Rees-Mogg told UAE investment chief

6 min read
The ex-cabinet minister’s comments have been described as a β€˜damning indictment’ of the Conservative government.

Tory MPs accept Β£20,000 from director of climate science denial group

5 min read
Leader of the Commons Penny Mordaunt is among those to have received funds from a firm owned by a former chair of the Global Warming Policy Foundation.
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