Dr Kenton White
Dr Kenton White
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  • Milton Keynes
Teaching Fellow, Department of Politics and International Relations, University of Reading. Interests focus on British defence policy over the last 200 years.

Macron won’t rule out using Western ground troops in Ukraine – but is NATO prepared for war with Russia?

5 min read
French President Macron doesn’t exclude the possibility of deploying Western troops to Ukraine following a meeting with European leaders. However, the question remains: could the deployment of ground troops to Ukraine provoke a broader and more dangerous conflict with Russia?

Ukraine: What might happen if the war spreads to a Nato country.

5 min read
Article 5 of the Nato treaty calls for collective defence if a member nation is attacked. But some Nato countries further from the conflict zone might be reluctant to send combat forces even in the event that Article 5 is triggered.
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