Kim Wareham
Kim Wareham
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  • Bath, UK.
Mum working with parent advocacy group @SafeEdForAll_UK. Frustrated that Press & politicians don’t talk about the lack of scientific Covid mitigations in schools, she draws cartoons around the issues.

COVID in children is not mild.

3 min read
Kim Wareham’s daughter is 10. After successfully protecting her against the virus for two years, omicron finally got her. Through her testimony, she wants people to know what her suffering has been like and that COVID-19 for children is not mild.

Government tells schools: Dump lateral flow tests.

2 min read
Appalling: Do NOT give out any more lateral flow tests but dump them, UK government tells schools. – Today’s political cartoon by Kim Wareham.

Saving pounds vs saving lives.

1 min read
UK policymakers need to get a grip on our public health strategy around COVID-19. – Today’s political cartoon by Kim Wareham.

COVID-19 shrinks our brains – PM: Nothing to see here... Freedom day!

1 min read
Major research shows that COVID-19 shrinks our brains even after mild or asymptomatic infection. Yet still, the UK government pretends we have nothing to worry about. – Today’s political cartoon by Kim Wareham.

COVID doesn’t affect kids?

1 min read
We have been relentlessly told that COVID-19 in children is of little consequence compared to adults, that COVID doesn’t affect kids... Or does it? 5.2 million children have been orphaned by the pandemic in the world. – Today’s political cartoon by Kim Wareham.
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