Marc Hudson
Marc Hudson
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  • Staffordshire, UK.
Australian/British academic living in Staffordshire, UK. Visiting Fellow, Science Policy, University of Sussex.

Labourโ€™s ยฃ28 billion green investment promise could be watered down

6 min read
Labour leader Keir Starmer faces pressure over Labourโ€™s proposed ยฃ28 billion yearly investment in green initiatives. Critics fear fiscal liability, while supporters argue for urgent climate action despite potential political backlash.

Sunak should be wary of backtracking on net zero โ€“ What history tells us about flip-flopping on the environment

6 min read
Rishi Sunak has delayed some of the UKโ€™s key net zero targets โ€“ a look back at history may explain why.

Rishi Sunakโ€™s green backtracking contrasts strongly with previous prime ministersโ€™ efforts

6 min read
Past prime ministers could afford to talk big on climate change โ€“ but now the impact of the environmental crisis is manifestly real, Rishi Sunak canโ€™t afford to appease those who oppose green policies.

Extinction Rebellion gave it โ€˜the Big Oneโ€™ with a four-day peaceful protest โ€“ now what?

5 min read
Extinction Rebellion has eschewed disruptive protest in the pursuit of โ€˜building relationshipsโ€™.
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