Dr Martin Farr
Dr Martin Farr
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  • Newcastle, UK.
Senior Lecturer in Modern and Contemporary British History, Newcastle University.

The size of the swing to Labour in the Blackpool South by-election made this such an unpleasant night for Rishi Sunak

4 min read
Debates ponder if the upcoming general election will mirror the close 1992 or landslide 1997 outcomes. Amid significant shifts, including in Blackpool South, Labour sees unprecedented by-election success, while the Conservatives face potential annihilation, struggling even against the Reform party.

Six books (and one play) to read to understand British politics today

10 min read
With a general election on the horizon, it’s the perfect time to curl up with one of these expert political book recommendations.

Keir Starmer: Four lessons from History for an opposition trying to be the β€˜government-in-waiting’

5 min read
Keir Starmer is a man on five missions, but he will need to learn from his predecessors to lead Labour back to power after over a decade out of it.

Liz Truss may not appoint an ethics adviser – Does that really matter?

4 min read
Having an ethics adviser is a matter of convention, not a legal requirement.

Conservative Party – Who are the rebels and why do they want Boris Johnson gone?

5 min read
The Tory party is a β€˜broad church’ with many factions. And many of them are unimpressed with the prime minister at the moment. Tory tensions are exacerbated through the ideological incoherence of Johnson himself.

Sleaze: Why Boris Johnson is being reminded of the lurid scandals of 1990s Britain.

5 min read
There are important similarities between the current PM’s woes and John Major’s – but a very important difference, too.
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