Michael Collyer
Michael Collyer
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  • Brighton, UK.
Professor of Geography, University of Sussex.

Suella Braverman warns of β€˜unmanageable’ numbers of asylum seekers – The data shows we hardly take any

4 min read
The current government is the most aggressively anti-refugee administration in British history, with laws threatening to send asylum seekers to Rwanda and language used to discuss refugees linked to increasing unrest. Yet, Suella Braverman warns that millions more people will come to Britain, β€œuncontrolled and unmanageable”. A migration β€œhurricane” is

It could cost the taxpayer Β£169,000 to deport each migrant to Rwanda – and possibly even more

4 min read
The government says it will cost Β£169,000 per person to send migrants to Rwanda, but this is based on shaky assumptions and does not include many other costs. The real cost is likely to be much higher and the plan may not work at all.
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