Professor Natasha Lindstaedt
Professor Natasha Lindstaedt
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  • Colchester, UK.
Deputy Dean & Professor, Department of Government, University of Essex. Teaching International Relations & Comparative Politics.

Trump-proofing NATO: Why Europe’s current nuclear deterrents may not be enough to face biggest threats since WWII

6 min read
NATO members are urgently rethinking their nuclear strategy as Donald Trump’s potential presidency might weaken U.S. commitments, prompting Europe to consider independent defence capabilities amid rising Russian threats.

Russia’s Baltic neighbours to create massive border defences as Trump continues undermining Nato

5 min read
Donald Trump’s remarks on NATO, Ukraine aid, and Article 5 concern the Baltic States, fearing Russian aggression. Despite bolstering defences, their small populations make them vulnerable to Russian expansion, especially with potential US disengagement.

Donald Trump and the β€˜madman theory’ of foreign policy

5 min read
Donald Trump champions a β€˜madman’ foreign policy, lauded by supporters for unpredictability. Critics label it reckless. Historical examples show such tactics often fail due to credibility erosion.
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