Dr Sean Lang
Dr Sean Lang
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  • Cambridge, UK.
Historian, author, playwright and broadcaster. Senior Lecturer in History, Anglia Ruskin University. Author of 'British History for Dummies'.

King’s speech: What is it, and why does it matter?

5 min read
Today, King Charles delivered his first speech from the throne as monarch, outlining the government’s plans and priorities for the year ahead. Nevertheless, whether he approved of it or not, he had no influence over the content of the address he conveyed to the Lords and Members of Parliament.

Too often learning β€˜British history’ means learning β€˜English history’

4 min read
If history is to be of any use to those who study it, it ought to help them understand the nature of the country and society they live in.

Queen Elizabeth II: A moderniser who steered the British monarchy into the 21st century

10 min read
Elizabeth II was a safe pair of hands for the British monarchy in a turbulent and changing era. Her wisdom and unceasing sense of duty meant she was widely viewed with a combination of respect, esteem, awe and affection, which transcended nations, classes and generations.
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