Dr Simon Kolstoe
Dr Simon Kolstoe
Total 4 Posts
  • Portsmouth, UK.
Senior Lecturer in Evidence-Based Healthcare and University Ethics Advisor, University of Portsmouth. Chair of research ethics committees for the NHS, the Ministry of Defence & Public Health England.

Should I still go on holiday if I have COVID?

5 min read
Given most countries have stopped requiring negative COVID tests to enter, can you just go? An ethicist weighs in.

Caught COVID? What you should and shouldn’t do when self-isolation isn’t mandatory.

5 min read
The virus is still a threat. Be kind to yourself and others if you catch it because people will continue to get severely ill and die from COVID.

How to make sense of the UK’s new testing rules.

5 min read
Understanding the difference between COVID tests can help explain why the rules keep changing.

Vaccine trial misconduct allegation – Could it damage trust in science?

5 min read
Pfizer contractor Ventavia denies accusations of scientific misconduct on COVID vaccine trial.
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