Stefan Wolff
Stefan Wolff
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  • Birmingham, UK.
Professor of International Security, University of Birmingham.

Xi and Biden spoke on the phone for 105 minutes: What does this say about their relationship?

5 min read
Biden and Xi discussed stabilising US-China relations, covering Taiwan, TikTok, tariffs, and support for Russia in a 105-minute call, indicating a thaw in relations amid deep-seated mistrust.

Ukraine war: Ten years after Putin annexed Crimea, Russia’s grip on the peninsula looks shaky

5 min read
Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014 hasn’t secured the region as Vladimir Putin hoped. Recent Ukrainian attacks expose vulnerability, leading to losses like the Black Sea fleet. Ukrainian successes challenge Russia’s grip.

Ukraine war: Corruption scandals and high-level rifts could become an existential threat as Kyiv asks for more military aid

4 min read
Ukraine faces a dual challenge: while President Zelensky’s anti-corruption efforts show progress, a scandal involving missing military supplies highlights pervasive corruption, jeopardizing both internal stability and Western support.

Xi-Putin meeting: Here’s what it says about their current, and future, relationship

4 min read
Vladimir Putin’s first trip outside Russia in 20 months is to attend Xi Jinping’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) anniversary summit. Both leaders aim to challenge the Western-dominated order but their partnership leans towards China.

Ukraine War: Mixed signals among Kyiv’s allies hint at growing conflict fatigue

5 min read
As the war nears 600 days, there are signs that support for Ukraine could be beginning to waver in some parts.

Ukraine War: Crimean bridge attack is another blow to Putin’s strongman image

4 min read
Ukraine has damaged the Kerch Strait bridge that connects Russia and Crimea, in a symbolic strike against Russia’s illegal annexation of the peninsula. The attack is part of a broader campaign to disrupt Russian supply lines and undermine its claim to Ukrainian territory.

Putin seriously weakened by Wagner Group mutiny – but it was a missed opportunity for Ukraine too

5 min read
Yevgeny Prigozhin’s coup attempt exposed the weakness and fragility of Vladimir Putin’s regime and the war in Ukraine. The crisis also raised doubts about Russia’s reliability as a partner for its allies. The failed rebellion may have lasting repercussions for Russia and the region.
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