Professor Stephan Lewandowsky
Professor Stephan Lewandowsky
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  • Bristol, UK.
Chair of Cognitive Psychology, University of Bristol. School of Psychology and Cabot Institute at University of Bristol -- research in misinformation, post-truth deception, climate change.

Disinformation threatens global elections – here’s how to fight back

6 min read
In the run-up to the 2024 elections, disinformation poses a significant threat to democracies worldwide, prompting concerns from major organisations. While some sceptics question its impact, evidence suggests misinformation can sway election outcomes, influence beliefs, and erode public trust.

Donald Trump’s truth: Why liars might sometimes be considered honest – new research

5 min read
A study highlights how belief-speaking in politics, even when detached from factual accuracy, can shape political discourse and influence public perception of honesty in politics.

Life after COVID: Most people don’t want a return to normal – they want a fairer, more sustainable future.

5 min read
We overestimate how much we think others want the world to return to its pre-pandemic ways, which makes us pessimistic about the potential to make things better.
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