Stephen Barber
Stephen Barber
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  • London, UK.
Professor of Global Affairs, University of East London.

Polls predict total wipeout for the Tories – and Britain’s constitution makes it a real possibility

5 min read
Recent polls suggest the Tories could face a historic loss in the next general election, with projections showing a potential loss of 250 MPs, leaving them under 100 seats, and both the Prime Minister and Chancellor losing their constituencies.

Post Office scandal: What the lack of action tells you about Britain’s polarised politics

4 min read
The Post Office scandal, where over 700 sub-postmasters were wrongly convicted, reveals a systemic failure. Political inaction stemmed from the victims lacking a political constituency and now fuels opportunistic party warfare.

The UK’s culture war is dying – But the next prime minister will have to stand up to plenty of populists overseas

5 min read
Keir Starmer, if he becomes prime minister, faces global populism amid elections favouring anti-establishment figures around the world. Navigating instability, he must defend NATO and counter divisive forces in a changing political climate.
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