Thomas Gift
Thomas Gift
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  • London, UK.
Associate Professor and Director of the Centre on US Politics, UCL.

US election: Turning off TikTok is a big risk for the Democrats

5 min read
Accusations against TikTok include data held in China, censorship, and disinformation. US Democrats face dilemmas over its potential closure, impacting their outreach to young voters and the 2024 election.

Five reasons why Trump’s Republican opponents were never going to beat him

5 min read
Despite initial doubts, Donald Trump’s 2024 Republican nomination was inevitable due to boosted momentum from criminal prosecutions, ballot disqualifications, party machine support, and a genuine desire for Trumpism.

Joe Biden could still stand down before the election – here’s how and what would happen next

5 min read
When Joe Biden became president in 2021, expectations were to heal after Trump. Now, facing low approval and Trump’s rise, Democrats debate Biden’s 2024 run, fearing a risky legacy.
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