Professor Toby James
Professor Toby James
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  • Norwich, UK.
Professor of Politics and Public Policy, University of East Anglia.

If even the prime minister who introduced voter ID can forget his, do we need a rethink?

6 min read
Ironically, former Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who implemented the voter ID laws, was turned away from voting in the local elections due to not having proper identification, spotlighting significant flaws in the policy as a general election looms.

Half the world will vote in 2024, but how many elections will be fair?

6 min read
The year 2024 heralds numerous elections globally, promising democratic empowerment. However, marred by issues like rigging and crackdowns, they reflect a concerning trend of democratic decline, warranting concerted efforts for improvement.

Six reasons Britain’s impending voter ID law is a bad idea

5 min read
Controversial new voter ID rules are due to affect local elections in May 2023 despite warnings from officials that there isn’t enough time.

Democracy undermined: How elections in the UK are changing.

6 min read
The new Elections Act weakens the UK’s claim to be a beacon of democracy as 1.1 million people may not cast a vote at future parliamentary elections as a result of this reform.
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