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Also known as Paul Kavanagh. Blogger. Biting the hand of Project Fear.

How right-wing do you need to be not to be welcome in the Labour Party?

5 min read
Marking a continuation of notable Tory defections to Labour, Natalie Elphicke, a staunch right-wing Conservative MP, has defected to Labour this week, highlighting shifts in party ideologies and stirring questions about Labour’s embrace of centre-right values under Keir Starmer’s leadership.

A Tory solution to a Tory-made problem

5 min read
The UK’s Criminal Justice Bill faces criticism for criminalising homelessness with new police powers, amidst housing crises and Conservative policies, sparking controversy and dissent even among some Tory MPs.

BBC Scotland: An irresponsible manufacturer of fake British nationalist outrage

5 min read
BBC Scotland has been accused of bias and stoking division by scrutinising the SNP’s call for a Tory-free Scotland in the general election, sparking controversy over political reporting integrity.

We’re all extremists now

6 min read
Rishi Sunak tasks Michael Gove to broaden the UK’s extremism definition, potentially encompassing independence campaigners. The move sparks concerns about stifling dissent and targeting groups critical of the government.

British nationalism, the politics of warmongering

5 min read
In an election year, a struggling right-wing British nationalist government, facing a 20% poll gap, deploys military action in Yemen, hoping for a Falklands-like boost, disregarding the consequences.

Mendacious narcissistic sociopaths

6 min read
While Rishi Sunak hints at delaying the next general election, countering earlier expectations, criticism grows over the PM’s narrative, including handling PPE contracts, his views on the Rwanda scheme, and underscoring accountability concerns.

Institutional cronyism is central to Westminster

5 min read
Scottish Tory peer Michelle Mone faces scrutiny over alleged involvement in the VIP lane for PPE supply during the pandemic, exposing Tory cronyism and profiteering from a global catastrophe.
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