2024 US Presidential Election
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Trump guilty verdict: The fallout for US democracy

5 min read
The trial of Donald Trump has undermined US democratic institutions, despite illustrating that no one is above the law. Trump’s base remains supportive, however, but independent voter support has declined.

For the women who accused the Trump campaign of harassment, it’s been more harassment

12 min read
Trump is known for publicly bullying his political rivals, but his campaign has also privately attacked its own workers. When women working for the campaign accused it of harassment, the campaign responded aggressively.

US election: Why Latino and Hispanic voters are shifting to Trump after a long history of supporting the Democrats

5 min read
Recent polls show a shift towards Trump among Hispanic and Latino voters, crucial in swing states. Historically Democratic, their increased support for Trump, driven by economic and pandemic issues, could impact the tight 2024 race.

What a second Trump presidency might mean for the rest of the world

5 min read
Six months before the US election, global attention focuses on Trump’s potential return, especially his foreign policies towards China, NATO, Ukraine, and Gaza. A second term might increase US isolationism and weaken international alliances.

Trump-proofing NATO: Why Europe’s current nuclear deterrents may not be enough to face biggest threats since WWII

5 min read
NATO members are urgently rethinking their nuclear strategy as Donald Trump’s potential presidency might weaken U.S. commitments, prompting Europe to consider independent defence capabilities amid rising Russian threats.

Are Trump’s receipts coming due?

4 min read
As his criminal trial looms, Donald Trump, once a staunch anti-abortion advocate, appears to adjust his abortion stance amid electoral pressures. His notorious inconsistency and bravado face rigorous legal and public tests, potentially eroding his robust supporter base.

President Joe Biden must avoid becoming President Joe Chump

8 min read
Israel’s recent bombing of Iran’s embassy in Syria marks a major shift from its usual policy of targeting only military sites. This provocative act by Netanyahu, amid domestic issues, seems a ploy to retain power and avoid prosecution, posing a significant risk for Joe Biden and the United States.
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