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Chinese nationalist groups are launching cyber-attacks – often against the wishes of the government

5 min read
The Chinese Communist Party has inadvertently given the country’s nationalist movement influence that it’s struggling to contain.

Xi and Biden spoke on the phone for 105 minutes: What does this say about their relationship?

5 min read
Biden and Xi discussed stabilising US-China relations, covering Taiwan, TikTok, tariffs, and support for Russia in a 105-minute call, indicating a thaw in relations amid deep-seated mistrust.

China’s UK election hack – how and why the Electoral Commission was targeted

5 min read
British elections are pencil and papers affairs, which makes them difficult to hack. But the breach of millions of people’s details is still a deeply serious matter.

US election: Turning off TikTok is a big risk for the Democrats

5 min read
Accusations against TikTok include data held in China, censorship, and disinformation. US Democrats face dilemmas over its potential closure, impacting their outreach to young voters and the 2024 election.

Why David Cameron’s past and present relations with China could be Rishi Sunak’s first big political headache of 2024

5 min read
David Cameron’s ties with China present challenges for the current UK Government. As Foreign Secretary, Cameron’s more dovish stance clashes with the party’s current China-sceptic position, creating internal tensions and complicating UK foreign policy.

Bangladesh polls no longer make ‘battle of the begums’ headlines and that’s sad

5 min read
Bangladesh’s 2024 election resulted in PM Sheikh Hasina’s anticipated win, as the main opposition boycotted, alleging a sham to maintain ruling party dominance and raising concerns about democratic decline, underscoring global challenges to democracy in the year ahead.

Why Russia and China have been added to Republicans’ new ‘axis of evil’

5 min read
The term ‘axis of evil’ is being revived by some Republicans to describe China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea. However, the new grouping differs in principles and has more tenuous links to US policy. It also appears driven by Republicans in Congress rather than the White House.
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