European Union
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A supranational political and economic union of 27 member states that are located primarily in Europe.

Who is Robert Fico? Slovakia’s controversial prime minister in stable but serious condition after assassination attempt

3 min read
Slovakian PM Robert Fico is in serious condition after a May 15 assassination attempt. His divisive policies, political history, and controversial stances have created significant tensions, prompting widespread protests.

What a second Trump presidency might mean for the rest of the world

6 min read
Six months before the US election, global attention focuses on Trump’s potential return, especially his foreign policies towards China, NATO, Ukraine, and Gaza. A second term might increase US isolationism and weaken international alliances.

Trump-proofing NATO: Why Europe’s current nuclear deterrents may not be enough to face biggest threats since WWII

6 min read
NATO members are urgently rethinking their nuclear strategy as Donald Trump’s potential presidency might weaken U.S. commitments, prompting Europe to consider independent defence capabilities amid rising Russian threats.

‘Hard-right’ NatCon event was organised by oil-funded group

9 min read
A controversial right-wing conference in Brussels, sponsored by a Hungarian think tank funded by fossil fuels, faced shutdown by police due to safety concerns. The event included prominent climate change sceptics and right-wing politicians, including Nigel Farage and Suella Braverman.

Britain’s Brexit drift

13 min read
The UK government’s new ‘common user charge’ on EU imports adds significant costs, affecting particularly small firms and highlighting the ongoing economic and political instability post-Brexit, with broader impacts on sectors like agriculture and financial services.

Mounting tension and instability in the Western Balkans is playing into Russia’s hands

5 min read
Tension in the Western Balkans, which has been troubled by ethnic tensions since the wars of the 1990s, is becoming an increasing concern for the EU and NATO.

Ukraine war: Why many NATO countries are thinking of introducing conscription and the issues that involves

5 min read
Amid global conflicts and political debates, several European nations, including new NATO members, are reconsidering or reintroducing conscription to enhance military and civic preparedness.
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