Human Rights
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"All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood." (Universal Declaration of Human Rights)

UK ‘taking back control’ of its borders risks rolling back human rights protections

4 min read
The High Court in Belfast ruled key parts of the UK’s Illegal Migration Act incompatible with the Windsor framework, violating asylum seekers’ human rights in Northern Ireland, highlighting the UK’s commitment to human dignity and peace.

Venezuela: Why Maduro is ramping up his attack on free speech

5 min read
In Venezuela, a joke in a travel video led to terrorism charges against its author, underscoring President Maduro’s escalating repression of dissent as elections approach amid severe human rights and economic crises.

Leaving the European Convention on Human Rights won’t stop the boats – but it will create other problems for the UK

5 min read
Facing legal challenges, Rishi Sunak threatens to leave the European Convention on Human Rights. Leaving the ECHR would not free the UK of the obligation not to send people to a place of harm, but it would put the UK’s international reputation at risk.

What are the EU’s new migration rules, and why did they take so long to pass?

5 min read
The European Parliament has passed the Pact on Migration and Asylum after almost ten years of impasse since the 2015 crisis. It aims to distribute responsibilities across EU states, offering nations options to host migrants or pay, amidst ongoing debates about refugees’ rights.

The ECHR’s first climate ruling: What does it mean?

7 min read
The European Court of Human Rights ruled that Switzerland violated human rights by not sufficiently tackling climate change, setting a legal precedent for future climate litigation and potentially impacting national policies across Europe.

Theresa May leaves legacy of cruelty for domestic workers

6 min read
Theresa May’s heartless policies will go on tormenting migrant domestic workers long after she steps down as MP.

Argentina: Javier Milei’s government poses an urgent threat to human rights

4 min read
Hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets in Argentina to commemorate victims of the country’s military dictatorship amid renewed concerns for human rights.
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