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The best longform articles. These are long articles that usually have a certain depth.

(Still not) facing up to Brexit

14 min read
The Brexit process caused significant shifts. Two recent announcements — one about a delayed Brexit-related import control, another on a potential EU-UK Youth Mobility Scheme — highlight the ongoing complexities and political strategies surrounding Brexit negotiations and their impacts.

Gibraltar, and reviewing the Brexit ‘bill of goods’

14 min read
UK and EU leaders, including Gibraltar and Spain, report nearing a post-Brexit agreement for Gibraltar, dubbed the last major Brexit issue. Gibraltar’s complex status and its 96% EU support contrast starkly with broader UK sentiment.

Britain’s Brexit drift

13 min read
The UK government’s new ‘common user charge’ on EU imports adds significant costs, affecting particularly small firms and highlighting the ongoing economic and political instability post-Brexit, with broader impacts on sectors like agriculture and financial services.

Women fight back as Milei’s government tries to starve their soup kitchens

12 min read
In Buenos Aires, community kitchens face food shortages, affecting millions. Javier Milei’s government cuts worsen the situation, as women, central to these efforts, struggle against poverty and hunger in slums.

How the failures of Brexit feed Radical Brexitism

12 min read
Brexit was expected to end the blame on the EU and foster political accountability. Yet, Brexiters like Truss, Anderson, and Braverman shift blame to globalism and wokeism, fuelling radical Brexitism, seeking new targets, and desiring to “smash the system.”

Britain is slowly learning what Brexit means

12 min read
Brexit’s repercussions on UK-EU ties, notably in defence, are evident amid recent events like Navalny’s death and Russian threats. Despite challenges, closer integration seems unavoidable, exposing Brexiters’ impractical expectations.

Brexit, Brexitism, and the Trump and Russian threats

14 min read
Brexit fractures the UK’s geopolitical strategy, hindering cooperation with the EU on security. Amidst the Russian threat and potential European conflict, deeper UK-EU security ties are crucial for stability.
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