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UK ‘taking back control’ of its borders risks rolling back human rights protections

4 min read
The High Court in Belfast ruled key parts of the UK’s Illegal Migration Act incompatible with the Windsor framework, violating asylum seekers’ human rights in Northern Ireland, highlighting the UK’s commitment to human dignity and peace.

Natalie Elphicke defection: Keir Starmer risks feeding the perception that politics is ‘all just a bit of a game’

4 min read
Natalie Elphicke, a pro-Brexit Tory right-winger, defected to Labour, sparking controversy and highlighting Labour’s shift under Keir Starmer. The move targeted disaffected Tory voters but drew criticism from the left, questioning Labour’s principles.

Gaza campus protests: What are students’ free speech rights and what can universities do?

5 min read
Universities have a difficult balance to strike between protecting student speech rights and ensuring campus safety.

If even the prime minister who introduced voter ID can forget his, do we need a rethink?

6 min read
Ironically, former Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who implemented the voter ID laws, was turned away from voting in the local elections due to not having proper identification, spotlighting significant flaws in the policy as a general election looms.

The size of the swing to Labour in the Blackpool South by-election made this such an unpleasant night for Rishi Sunak

4 min read
Debates ponder if the upcoming general election will mirror the close 1992 or landslide 1997 outcomes. Amid significant shifts, including in Blackpool South, Labour sees unprecedented by-election success, while the Conservatives face potential annihilation, struggling even against the Reform party.

How right-wing do you need to be not to be welcome in the Labour Party?

5 min read
Marking a continuation of notable Tory defections to Labour, Natalie Elphicke, a staunch right-wing Conservative MP, has defected to Labour this week, highlighting shifts in party ideologies and stirring questions about Labour’s embrace of centre-right values under Keir Starmer’s leadership.

UK General Election Voting Intention

1 min read
The state of voting intentions in a future General Election.
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