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Why UK government policies have failed to recruit enough teachers for years

6 min read
England’s secondary teacher shortage persists despite recruitment efforts and financial incentives. Systemic issues, political influences, and low acceptance rates for ethnic minorities hinder effective teacher supply planning.

Nasty Tories in a panic

6 min read
The Tories’ reputation as the “Nasty Party” is highlighted by the Scottish Tory Leader’s behaviour in Scotland, while Rishi Sunak’s political missteps, such as leaving D-Day commemorations early, add to the party’s woes. The Tories face a bleak electoral future.

Britons strongly oppose book banning in libraries

4 min read
A YouGov survey reveals that 72% of British adults believe books should never be banned from libraries due to complaints, highlighting a solid stance on freedom of expression.

How Sunak came up with disputed Labour tax figures – and what’s wrong with them

5 min read
In the first televised debate, Rishi Sunak claimed every working family would pay £2,000 more in tax under Labour. This figure, based on dubious Conservative calculations, has been widely discredited.

Sunak and Starmer’s first TV debate: a tetchy PMQs where no one dared mention the F-word

5 min read
The first 2024 election debate felt anticlimactic, with Rishi Sunak indirectly addressing the absent Nigel Farage. Sunak’s aggressive tactics against Labour’s Keir Starmer suggested future ambitions over current priorities.

Teenagers have gone through enough – Rishi Sunak’s national service is too much to ask

4 min read
Rishi Sunak proposes reintroducing national service for 18-year-olds if the Conservatives win the general election. Critics argue it burdens youth already impacted by pandemic disruptions and severe cuts to youth services, worsening social and economic inequalities.

What we know so far about Labour’s plan for Great British Energy

5 min read
Labour’s energy plan includes Great British Energy, aiming to reduce bills, boost energy security, and create jobs. Focused on renewables and energy efficiency, it avoids nationalisation, stressing investment in local and future energy sources.
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