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Reimagining democracy: A blueprint for a new parliamentary system

4 min read
In the face of political upheaval and waning public trust, a new selfless parliamentary system aims to restore trust by prioritising selfless leadership, offering a potential antidote to the rise of populism and revitalising democracy for a more empowered and accountable future.

From subpostmaster to public champion: Why Alan Bates deserves a seat in the House of Lords

4 min read
A petition urges Rishi Sunak to grant Alan Bates a life peerage for his fight against Post Office injustices and impact on justice and public service reform.

Sunak’s Net Zero policy shift sparks controversy

17 min read
Rishi Sunak’s decision to slow down the UK’s shift to electric vehicles, postpone climate targets and scrap other plans have stirred up strong reactions from various quarters, including his own party. Does it make him a strong leader?

Sunak’s erasable ink pens raise big questions about transparency

6 min read
Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s use of pens with erasable ink has sparked concerns over government transparency. Critics suggest these pens could enable the removal of important notes from official documents, challenging historical accountability.

Never take Democracy for granted

3 min read
The January 8 riot attack on Brazil’s National Congress shows the consequences of choosing corrupt, populist, and fearmongering leaders.

Context matters – How a teabag went viral for the wrong reasons.

4 min read
When they saw a video on social media showing how a hospital sent a single teabag to their staff to thank them for their work, people naturally took it at face value and started commenting and sharing it without knowing the context.

Tories: Displacement of responsibility as a golden rule.

3 min read
An uncomfortable Chancellor Rishi Sunak finds himself in the middle of a storm because of his family business links to Russia.
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