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EU parliament election sees shaken centre hold – but far-right now has chances to show its strength

7 min read
The European parliamentary election highlighted a fragile centre amid a rightward shift, with significant far-right gains in France, Germany, and Italy. The EPP retained centre-ground dominance, but far-right successes may influence future EU policies.

GB News gives dozens of appearances to UK’s main climate denial group

6 min read
A climate science denial group has appeared on GB News over 35 times since October 2023, downplaying climate issues and opposing net zero policies.

‘Hard-right’ NatCon event was organised by oil-funded group

9 min read
A controversial right-wing conference in Brussels, sponsored by a Hungarian think tank funded by fossil fuels, faced shutdown by police due to safety concerns. The event included prominent climate change sceptics and right-wing politicians, including Nigel Farage and Suella Braverman.

‘A recipe for disaster’: What I learned going undercover on India’s chicken farms

3 min read
Antibiotics crucial for human health are used to promote growth and prevent disease in Indian poultry farms, a practice that increases antibiotic resistance and poses major health risks.

The ECHR’s first climate ruling: What does it mean?

7 min read
The European Court of Human Rights ruled that Switzerland violated human rights by not sufficiently tackling climate change, setting a legal precedent for future climate litigation and potentially impacting national policies across Europe.

A landslide forced me from my home – and I experienced our failure to deal with climate change at first hand

5 min read
In February 2024, Hastings experienced a landslide, highlighting gaps in UK governance and preparedness for climate change-induced weather events, underscoring the need for systemic change in climate resilience policies.

Oil giant admits it needs a ‘magic wand’ to keep green pledges

7 min read
ExxonMobil is accused of greenwashing over claims that its ‘carbon capture’ project is reducing emissions.
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