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Post-Brexit Polls

1 min read
The state of voting intentions in a potential second EU referendum.

US election: Why Latino and Hispanic voters are shifting to Trump after a long history of supporting the Democrats

6 min read
Recent polls show a shift towards Trump among Hispanic and Latino voters, crucial in swing states. Historically Democratic, their increased support for Trump, driven by economic and pandemic issues, could impact the tight 2024 race.

UK General Election Voting Intention

1 min read
The state of voting intentions in a future General Election.

Polls predict total wipeout for the Tories – and Britain’s constitution makes it a real possibility

5 min read
Recent polls suggest the Tories could face a historic loss in the next general election, with projections showing a potential loss of 250 MPs, leaving them under 100 seats, and both the Prime Minister and Chancellor losing their constituencies.

YouGov MRP model predicts a Labour landslide: What does it mean for the upcoming election?

2 min read
YouGov’s latest MRP model predicts a landslide victory for Labour in the upcoming general election, with a projected 154-seat majority and significant declines for the Conservatives.

US election: Haley’s supporters believe radically different things to Trump. So where do they go next?

4 min read
In Republican primaries, voter perceptions of Biden’s 2020 election legitimacy may impact the 2024 race. Polls show Trump supporters doubting legitimacy, highlighting challenges for American democracy and accountability.

YouGov survey signals trouble for Rishi Sunak and Conservatives

2 min read
A recent survey conducted by YouGov asked Brits to assess the current state of the UK in comparison to 2010. If Rishi Sunak and the Tories believe they have a chance to win a general election this year, the findings of this survey suggest they may be in for an unpleasant surprise.
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